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At Vocalise Academy, South Western Sydney's premier Performing Arts Academy, we believe in the transformative power of music. With locations in Leumeah and Spring Farm, we offer a diverse range of programs, from vocal and instrumental lessons to our signature "On Broadway" series. Our students benefit from the guidance of leading industry professionals, ensuring top-tier instruction. Our commitment extends beyond just teaching; we ignite passion, connect diverse communities, and provide platforms like our annual original crafted musicals for students to shine.

Our engagement with the community is palpable, with ambassador groups inspiring the Macarthur region through year-round events. The Vocalise difference is rooted in our holistic approach to music and performing arts. We don't just teach; we inspire, nurture, and offer real-world experiences. With a significant online presence and a dedication to quality, we stand as a beacon for aspiring performers, ensuring they receive the best training and exposure.

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Customer Testimonials


We signed our daughter up and from the day she started, she was treated like family, the love and respect shown to her meant everything to not only her but to each family member that picked her up or dropped her off and within weeks of joining, the team and cast members of vocalise bought our Girl back and out of her shell.

She started singing, dancing and communicating around the house and we got our little lolly back.

For that and for all the work and love you put in to each and every rehearsal/lesson we thank you, we thank you a million times, u really not only help the kids do what they love but to the families and the loved ones peace & joy, u gave us all so much and we will forever be grateful.


Joining Vocalise was a game-changer for our son. Initially hesitant and unsure, the nurturing environment at Vocalise quickly transformed him. The dedication and patience of the instructors are commendable. They recognized his potential and gently pushed him to explore his talents. Today, he doesn't just sing or dance; he performs with passion and confidence.

The camaraderie among the students is heartwarming, and the life skills he's learned are invaluable. Vocalise isn't just an academy; it's a community that uplifts every child, helping them find their voice and shine. As parents,

witnessing Liam's growth has been our greatest joy.

Our heartfelt thanks to Vocalise for being the guiding light in our son's journey. Your influence goes beyond the arts; you shape futures.

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