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"I want to support and help others become confident, inspired and be amazing vocal teachers..."

Phinemm Nelson -Principal and Founder


Little Steps lead to many blessings.

During my maternity leave from my corporate role in 2001, I taught just 12 students from our spare bedroom in our home. Fourteen years later and a mother of two gorgeous girls along with an amazing and supportive husband, I now teach full time and manage an academy with over 180 students along with a team of wonderful teachers who all specialise in different areas of music and performing arts.


Singing has always been my passion and I love working with children so teaching singing was a perfect opportunity for me to combine the two. Reflecting on the last fourteen years, there is no money in the world that could equate to the lifelong friendships and the opportunities that have come along my way.  I developed this course to share what I’ve learned over the years and encourage others to pursue their dream. With over 20 years of teaching experience, I am excited to be able to provide you with a head start in helping you with your dream.


No other program like the VTTP

When I started teaching, I couldn’t find any courses to help me teach vocals confidently. There were business courses, programs and software for purchase to assist with certain areas of the business but there wasn’t a course specifically to help me how to teach and explain the technique confidently; what exercises to teach students and identifying specific problem areas. So after one of my adult students asked me for help her how to teach singing, I wrote my first course and now in its 5th year, I'm so proud to have helped so much more students achieve their goals.


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