"My son is 14yrs and has been attending Vocalise Academy for 3 1/2 years. Although he has loved singing and dancing since he could walk and talk, I was initially hesitant to enrol him.  Whilst he loved performing for family, was shy and anxious around unfamiliar people.  He had previously had a "not so positive" experience at a dance academy so we were both nervous about starting afresh.  My fears were unfounded.  He began private lessons as he was too shy to attend a group class initially.  Over the past few years, not only has Vocalise helped him to develop as a vocalist, he now happily attends Performance Group, and his confidence has increased and he is able to sing on stage in front of hundreds of people."  


Kim, Vocalise Parent.

2017 Vocalise Academy Testimonials

Vocalise Academy

2016 Mid Year Concert Highlights

“My daughter loves Liz! Although she tends to drag her feet coming to her lesson, once she is there she is happy and comes out smiling. I have noticed that since she started lessons with Liz she has made significant improvements. Although she could play certain songs, prior to Liz she couldn’t read music. She is now able to. We love the “mini pop quizzes” Liz does to keep her revising her notes reviewing where she can improve. We are also extremely happy with Sara as a vocal teacher and her interaction with girls. I also love that Melinda always makes parents feel valued and likes being comfortable in being able to have a discussion.”


Lorian B, Ex-Student, and Parent

Fred-Day (X-Factor Top 4, 2011)

Hold Me Close (Lifeline Macarthur)


The Voice Audition 2014

"I am extremely happy with Sara as a teacher. I find that I am learning and challenged each lesson and making constant progression. My colleagues (I am a guitarist in a band) have noticed and commented on the improvement in my harmonies and general vocal technique.

Very happy with communication, and find admin personable and “on the ball”. All calls are always responded to, they are friendly and professional.

My daughter has recently started group Junior singing and loves how she is encouraged and she is being taught the fundamentals of singing. She is enjoying being a part of a group and is constantly practising her hissing and counting exercises which show that Sara has left an impression and is motivating her“


Phil G (student and parent)

Jayden Sierra

Cover of A-Team

Natasha Herceg

Cover of Royal

“I am so thrilled that my daughter is always excited to attend her classes. She walks out with a smile on her face at the end of each class so that's a good sign I made the right decision. I am very happy with the service!” 


Leanne B (parent)

Testimonials from students at Vocalise...

Fred-Day Ashton (3- Wishez)


Fred-Day Ashton one of our ex-students visits the academy to speak about his experience with Vocalise, X Factor 2011 and exciting news coming up for Three Wishez!

“Our girls have increased their confidence and I have seen major improvements since starting their private lessons. I am very happy.” 


Chris G (parent)

Jayden Sierra (The Collective)

“Really happy with everything. Loves Phi and Nathan and very happy with teacher and staff communication”


Maddie C (student)