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Setting off on one of the many opportunities at Vocalise will give you a taste of the life as a practitioner in the industry. Whilst the On Broadway production is a favourite event held annually, the Mid-Year Concert is a great way to showcase the talent and hard work and dedication that students have made to their programs. 

Schedule in some time to explore the staggering array of opportunities throughout the academic year. The Mid-Year Concert is one of the first opportunities that showcases the achievements students have made in the first semester of the year. Whether you are a performer at heart or you're after some inspiration to step into the spotlight, the Mid-Year Concert is a showcase you will not want to miss. 

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See how our students excel on-stage, off-stage as well as in their future professions.

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See how we inspire and contribute to communities, charities and events year round.

On Broadway the Musical

The On Broadway program is our annual musical production that gives students a new experience.

November Showcase

Find out about our end of year concert held on the grounds of our academy in Leumeah.


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