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Over the next few weeks you will get to know more our teachers through our spotlight questions and see why so many students love Vocalise...

So with out any further adieu... (drum roll please). Introducing our wonderful Guitar and HSC Music Teacher - Kevin Reutens!

My role at Vocalise: An active team member, devout teacher, passionate performer, proficient sound desk operator and overall just to be "toppest of blokes".

Classes I currently teach: Guitar (Wednesday, Thursday Friday), Composition (Thursday), Music HSC skills (Friday).

What I like best about working for Vocalise: Vocalise has been a second home to me filled with a great team who I consider all to be family. We are supportive of one another, enjoy each others company and always work through any issues or hurdles we are faced with together. We always know how to have a laugh, whether it is at my expense, but we always rally behind those who are having a hard time or are in need.

Motto or personal mantra: Music brings out our true emotions, vocalise those emotions and discover the musician within.

I’m happiest when: I’m with mates and family

My hobbies include: Cricket, touch football and golf.

Favourite memory: Driving a car for the first time.

What students can expect when they take one of my classes: Students can expect their 30 minute lessons to be filled with laughs and fun jams with a new challenge each week. Whether its guitar, composition or HSC I will work closely with you in setting and help in achieving your goals, work hard at getting you whatever resources you need to aid your learning and a weekly guarantee that you will learn something new each week.

My teaching style: I am a bubbly, supportive and enthusiastic character that looks to get the best out of my students through active participation in lessons and pushing students to work hard all within a positive and laid-back environment.

Why choose Vocalise: Vocalise is a school where students are constantly encouraged while given a wide range of opportunities to learn, grow and participate in community strengthening events that no other performing acts school can provide. Not only will students learn more about their chosen instrument or develop their musical talent, they will too discover who they are as a performer but more importantly as a person.

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