Is your child heading in the right direction?

One of the hardest decisions as a parent is choosing the right activity for your children. Something they will stick to for the long term and know they would be doing something they enjoy and absolutely love whilst developing their skills and confidence in an encouraging and supportive environment.

These days, children grow up so quickly and as they start yearning for independence, we know how important it is to make sure they have positive role models, learn good values, and have the courage to make good decisions.

With a world of information at a click of a button (thanks to Google) they are learning things every second and every minute of the day through social media and they forget how to interact and communicate with each other on personal levels. Then they are influenced by their friends, their friend’s older brothers and sisters, social circles, the media, television and so much more. So rather than competing with all this (or building a safe house for them until they are 25) being an older sister of 3 other siblings growing up in this area, my passion was to make sure I offered a secure and safe place students can call their second home. I wanted to create a community where children develop their confidence and be surrounded by other positive, supportive and encouraging people.

At Vocalise Academy, we don’t fuss too much about our students becoming the next winner of The Voice or X-Factor (although we’ve had a few students make their way into the top 3 of these shows); we love seeing their journey and development through the process of learning in class and on-stage. We see hundreds of children and adults develop confidence, self worth and make life long friendships through music and performing arts. 

We also have progressive learning programs for all our classes to ensure students are developing their skills with the option to sit formal exams at any point of their training.

Our senior team of teachers who are also mothers we are conscious of how busy every family’s schedule is, so we are the only school in the area that offers a fully inclusive program covering tuition, concert performances, rehearsals, concert tickets, DVD’s and costumes in one package. Everything is done for you including a team of senior students and staff assisting students backstage and on stage so you can enjoy watching the show.

For over 14 years, it’s always been our vision is to create opportunities for our students through music and performing arts and we are very proud to have been part of so many successful students who we’ve seen grown from primary age students to confident young adults who have followed their dreams who are now doing what they love for a living.

Click here for our tips on enjoying the next 12 months with your family.

From all of us at Vocalise, we wish you an amazing and successful 2016!

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