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Do you have a Popstar in the making?

Does your child love to sing and dance and is craving for more activities at home?

Well, we hear you! 


Our online programs allow your child to connect with other like-minded performers who love to sing their heart and perform like Popstars! 


We designed it with your creative child in mind, giving them hours of activities for singing, acting, dancing and bonus access to our mindfulness and confidence building activities and resources.

We believe in creating happy little souls so we also provide you with bonus videos and access to our weekly Saturday Social Hub to keep you and your family connected with others.


Watch your child become inspired through Popstar program whilst meeting like-minded singing buddies online!


Click below to download and our Top 5 Singing Tips for your little one!


Click below to get a free download and our Top 5 Singing Tips for your little one

Meet Maximus and Vanessa

"I can’t believe how much our two children developed their confidence to get up and sing in just 10 weeks."

- Lailanie, mother of Maximus and Vanessa