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The Vocalise Story is inextricably linked with the development of the performing arts in the South-West Sydney region.

It begins with ​a determined individual who endeavoured to establish a safe space where people were surrounded by like-minded individuals. A place where people feel safe, nurtured and belong.

Today,​ Vocalise Academy is widely regarded as the region's leading academy to develop a strong foundation in all aspects of performing arts. Vocalise Academy continues to develop strong, passionate and positive leaders that are able to excel on-stage and off-stage and in their future professions across the country. 

The Vocalise Academy story is about the community and coming together to learn, inspire, encourage, support and share their journey with performing arts.

The future holds many opportunities for Vocalise Academy - maintaining an inspired, highly motivated and passionate team of professionals paving the way for the next generation of musicians and performers.


"Music, I believe is the greatest gift to human beings - connecting people no matter who you are, wherever you are, no matter how old you are or what language you speak; music brings people together. Over the years, our programs have been developed to nurture every student's journey at every touch point allowing for an experience of a lifetime. 

Phinemm Nelson, Vocalise Academy Principal

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