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Along with the Terms and Conditions, we encourage Student's and Family's to read our Academy Prospectus and Privacy Policy.


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Student Fee Scheduling

The enrolment fee is $59 for the Student position at the academy. Your bank account or card details are required at the time of enrolment and are processed by direct debit.

Initial Payment

Your initial payment of program fees are required and processed within 24 hours of submitting this enrolment form or on a specific date before the first lesson.


The fee includes the minimum program fee ($135 or $140) or pro-rata fees for the current month or $385 program fee per quarter. 

Popstars Programs Online are a minimum program fee of $88 per month or $220 per quarter.

Future Payments
All future payments are deducted via direct debit on the fifth of each month (monthly) or in the first week of each term.

Pro-rata Payments

All fees must be paid in advance. If you join after the fifth of the month or after the first week of a quarter, pro-rata fees will be calculated and confirmed by email to you whilst your initial payment is processed.

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NSW Government Creative Kids Program

Vocalise Academy has partnered with the NSW Government to provide students and customers with the opportunity to use $100AUD towards academic fees with the Creative Kids Program. To find out more information on eligibility and to apply for Creative Kids, visit Service NSW.

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