And what I know you will love is.. the connection with a community of amazing people, where many of our students have discovered life-long friendships. Feel a sense of belonging in a supportive and encouraging environment filled with like-minded people who continually and consistently encourage and inspire excellence in the music and performing arts industry.

Vocal Teacher Training Program

Inspiring Vocal Coaches Around the World

Our teacher training course provides an opportunity for musicians and singers to develop and build their teaching skills to become confident and empowered vocal coaches.


To teach confidently, I believe it's important to understand and master your own voice first. 

By experiencing the technique and mastering your own voice you are able to relate to your student's journey and learning process at a deeper level.

Our GRACEFUL program will provide you with the essential tools, skills, and knowledge you need to become a confident vocal coach and mentor for your students.


Developed from over 20+ years of experience in teaching, I am confident our program will truly provide you with a strong foundation and framework you can continually develop as you embark on your journey as a vocal coach. 


The GRACEFUL program is undeniably a much-needed program for singers and musicians who understand the importance of hearing, knowing and exploring different ways we can support our students at any stage of their training. 

"a teacher plants seeds of KNOWLEDGE, sprinkles them with LOVE and patiently NURTURES their growth to produce tomorrow's DREAMS"

What you will learn

You will be invited to train online or in person as we share our secret sauce behind how we teach and how we connect with our students for over 20 years.


You will also learn:

  • the GRACEFUL method and foundations (our signature program)

  • to understand how to avoid vocal damage

  • how to assess your vocal students needs in the first class

  • how to confidently increase your student's range

  • about voice preservation

  • lesson planning and how to engage and retain students for the long game

  • creating and identifying scales for all vocal types

  • Vocal Anatomy;

  • Diaphragm Breathing;

  • Understanding your voice;

  • Why head-voice is not just used for effect;

  • Choosing the right Vocal Exercises;

  • Assessing your student's voice;

  • Understanding how your student learns;

  • Training your ear and identifying nasal, throat, husky, breathy sounds and registers;

  • Accompanying​ your students

  • Lesson Planning;

  • Fundamentals on how to identify Vocal Issues & finding Solutions;

  • Connecting Registers;

  • Breath related Issues;

  • Mastering Breathing;

  • How to connect with your student;

  • Setting up your Studio;

  • Masterful Teaching;

  • Basic business & customer management;

Further areas of study


GRACEFUL MASTER TRAINING is for the seriously determined to learn, meet students and do this already!

Exclusive access to personal one on one training and mentoring each week.

You will have unlimited access to the classes, workshops, and trainings held online and at our main studio

in Leumeah (for Australian Residents) where you can take part in our student practical program.

We will provide you with beginner students (Leumeah NSW) or we can help you source beginner students in your local area so you can see all your theory and methods in action with real life students supported by one our qualified teachers every step of the way. 

Showcase and Graduation Ceremony (for 12month+ graduate students)

Program Options

Online and In-Person Training Options

1. Membership (Online Only)

Join our weekly webinars and have your questions answered each week.

Includes a one on one live training session.

(Monthly Subscription)


2. GRACEFUL Program (Online and In-Person)

Complete our signature GRACEFUL program including a weekly training session with a qualified trainer

10 week | 20 week | 40 week


By audition and only offered to a limited number of teachers per intake (bi-annually)

Do you want to feel....



What if you can feel..

Confident in understanding our simple system on how you can teach anyone to sing

Inspired by being able to assess and create a lesson plan for every new student

Empowered by knowing what, why and how to teach any student - even the tone deaf ones!

Nurtured as we walk you through the foundations of teaching that allows you to create your own lesson plan, content and scales in your own teaching style​

Believe in yourself knowing you are teaching students to sing for life

Reignited with passion for your own voice as you discover what's possible for you

Fulfilled knowing you are joining a force for good by connecting with others through the power of music, the food for our souls

Loved by our community of passionate and supportive humans who continually inspire and learn from each other

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"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it's inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring an understanding" 

William Arthur Ford

Vocalise Teacher Training Academy

Inspiring Vocal Coaches Around the World