Our teacher training course provides an opportunity for musicians and singers to develop and build on their teaching skills for singing.

To teach singing confidently, I believe it's important to understand and master your own voice first.

By experiencing the technique and mastering your skills allow you to relate to your student's learning process.

Our tailored teaching program will provide you with the essential tools, skills, and knowledge you need to become a confident vocal teacher and mentor for your students.


Phinemm, the owner and founder of Vocalise Music and Performing Arts Academy developed the program for her students who have studied vocals looking for an opportunity to take their skills to another level.

The VTTP now in it's the fifth year, is undeniably a much-needed program for singers and musicians who need practical skills, support and training to confidently teach singing.


When you join our training program, connects you to a community of amazing people, create amazing life-long friendships in a supportive network that continuously and consistently encourage excellence in the music and performing arts industry.


Teaching singing is not just a set of 'do re mi' scales you teach to students nor is it a chance to simply sing song after song each week. Your voice is an instrument and should be treated like any other.


Our program will help you understand:


  • vocal longevity

  • 8 important foundations 

  • avoiding vocal damage

  • teaching complex students

  • increasing range

  • vocal placement and voice preservation


Online Training

Membership Option:

Join our weekly webinars and have your questions answered each week.

Includes a one on one live training session.


Vocalise Teacher Training Program:

10-week training course including a personal training session with a qualified VTTP teacher.




Successful students receive a Vocalise Certificate of Accreditation

12-month intensive training with a combination of Online and Personal Training by an approved VTTP vocal teacher.

Includes One Day workshop with the Principal (online or at a venue in selected cities)


By audition and only offered to a limited number of teachers per year


Conducted by the Principal Phinemm, with exclusive access to personal one on one training each week. You will have unlimited access to the classes, workshops, and trainings held online or at their main studio in Leumeah where you can be learn practical and behind the scenes observation of the method in action.

The Complete VTTP course will also include live training with beginner students allowing you to put your theory into action with the support of the principal every step of the way. 


Showcase and Graduation Ceremony

Areas of Learning

  • Vocal Anatomy;

  • Diaphragm Breathing;

  • Understanding your voice;

  • Why head-voice is not just used for effect;

  • Choosing the right Vocal Exercises;

  • Assessing your student's voice;

  • Understanding how your student learns;

  • Connecting Registers;

  • Breath related Issues;

  • Mastering Breathing;

  • How to connect with your student;

  • Setting up your Studio;

  • Masterful Teaching;

  • Basic business & customer management;

  • Basic Event Management;

  • Training your ear and identifying nasal, throat, husky, breathy sounds and registers;

  • Accompanying​ your students

  • Lesson Planning;

  • Fundamentals on how to identify Vocal Issues & finding Solutions;